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  •  Do you want a man, who like you, enjoys the finer things in life who has the same lifestyle values and goals?  
  •  A man who is sharp and intelligent enough hold your RESPECT? Who you are extremely sexually attracted to? 
Sure, you are successful in your own right, but how much less stress and MORE FUN would it be to share life’s adventures on two salaries instead of one?
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  •  No more wondering if love will ever happen for you. 
  •  No more showing up alone at weddings and other events.
  •  No more doing all the housework alone and being responsible for everything.
  •  No more playing SOLO on the team.
  •  No more settling for Mr. Good Enough.
This October, you have your chance to change everything you know about dating and relating and finally reel him in.
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A man who lights your fire. A man who can help you maintain the lifestyle you desire.
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This change can happen fast.
It can happen quickly.
It wants YOU.

But you cannot
Master Your Manfunnel®
without laying the groundwork first...
My husband is truly everything I could ever ask for...

She helped me meet, date and marry my amazing husband, somebody that I may have thought was 'out of my league' but helped me not only see my own value but capitalize on it. My husband is truly everything I could ever ask for. If you want to meet your husband this year, work with Megan. 

Laura, New York, NY, Publisher

  • Have you been accepting less than you deserve?
  • Are you not attracted to the men who are attracted to you?
  • Are you unable to hold a man's attention?
  • Does he come on really strong and then start to lose interest and end things?
  • Have you been single for longer than you'd like admit?
  • Are you having a general rough time out there?
  • Are you in a man-drought?
  • Are you feeling unready to date or afraid and want build your knowledge base and confidence?

If you answered YES to any of these, The Manfunnel Method® LIVE Experience is for you!
  •  Uncover the hidden blocks in your psyche which are destroying your chances of                      creating the love that you want in your life. 
  •  Break them apart and quickly rebuild them to create your cement foundation for                    the success of your next relationship.
  •  Have a strong foundation combined with all the practical dating skills you will ever                need and the secret for knowing what to do and say EVERY TIME.
  •  You're going to know what to say and do because you will have learned the                                  algorithm for tapping into your own greatest resource... Your heart. 
When you can tap into this resource you will stand out amongst the sea of other woman. He will see YOU and only you.

Selena Soo| Publicity Expert & Coach | New York, NY

Dating can feel complicated and confusing and Megan simplified the process for me. She helped me feel more comfortable to approach dating without getting my heart broken. There is an art to communicating with men and she helped me feel more confident and well equipped. 

Alisia Leavitt | Premier Book Coach/Editor

I would say Megan Weks if you don't know her you need to know her because she is changing my life. I started applying what she told me to do and it changed everything, phenomenal things happen. If you re looking for help in love and dating Megan is a savior this is like a magic my mind is blown!

Anne McHale | Wine Master - (UK)

I can highly recommend signing up for the camp. Megan Weks is an amazing coach, you will leave with a much better understanding of men and how to relate on them.

G. Weiss M.D.|Doctor of Psychiatry | New York

"For all women wanting love and guidance in dating, I highly recommend working with Megan. I've seen how her work can help so much and teach women how to have a better relationships men and guide them to a better understanding of how to create a healthy relationship. If you are considering working with Megan in any capacity, I want to urge you to do it. You deserve it!"

Danielle Pashko | Author of 
"Breaking Your Fat Girl Habits."| New York, NY

"Megan is The Man Whisperer...."
The Manfunnel® is a Lifestyle.. Tap in with us.⚡️
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The Manfunnel Method® LIVE Experience

🤍Four 90-Minute LIVE Life-Altering Classes on Zoom (Interactive)
🤍Recordings of the LIVE Classes are yours for 1 year
🤍Group Coaching Office Hours on Zoom with the Coaches

Bonus 1 (Currently retails for $497)
Instant Access to The Manfunnel Method® Digital Course. Yours to keep for 1 Year. 

Bonus 2 (Valued at $250)
Private Facebook Group with support for all of October from Megan Weks and the Manfunnel Coaches 

Bonus 3 For The First 5 to Join us! (Valued at $250)
A 30 Minute One-on-One Dating Profile Review on Zoom with a Manfunnel Method Master Coach

The Bonusus Alone Are Valued At


⚡️Top Ten Dating Coach of 2021 by Yahoo Finance.
⚡️Certified dating and relationship coach, author & speaker who helps successful, high-achieving women find lasting love.
⚡️Met & married the love of her life in less than a year with her signature process.
​⚡️Helped thousands of women embrace their femininity and find love in their lives.
​⚡️It the trusted dating guru to celebrities, doctors, lawyers, and executive level clients.

Here’s What You’ll Learn In Your Exciting One Month Manfunnel Method LIVE Experience:
Step 1: Date Yourself First (599 Value)
  • How to treat and cater to the one person who deserves it the most - YOU. Once you learn to date yourself first, dating the man of your dreams will be EASY!
  • ​You’re also going to learn the fastest way to get to a man’s heart, to save yourself time and energy with a man who’s SERIOUS about you.
  • ​The written statement of intent that will set the tone of your dating experience from here on.
  • ​Get INTENTIONAL with your desires, your values, and what you bring to the table in relationships (This will prevent yourself from attracting low-quality guys for good!)
  • ​And much more!
Step 2: Unlock Your Thinking, Unlock Your Heart (399 Value)
  • How can you unlock a man’s guarded heart if you can’t unlock your own? In this lesson, we’re going to give you our favorite strategy to break through your limiting beliefs, fears and resistance.
  • ​And much more!
Step 3: The Secrets & Science (999 Value)
  • In this step, I’m going to reveal my top tricks to help you optimize your Manfunnel. I’m also going to break down the science behind the Manfunnel so you can avoid the most common pitfalls in the dating scene.
  • Once I’m done, you’ll skip over any false starts in your early relationships! (By the way, these tools were my biggest GAME CHANGERS in my personal dating life!!).
  • ​And much more!
Step 4: Be Love to Be Loved (499 Value)
  • In this step I’ll be teaming up with my Master Coach Gabrielle Natalie as we break down the daily steps to radiating love. You’ll uncover how to use your own vibration to magnetize the type of men you want effortlessly. 
  • ​Learn how your inner critic blocks a deep emotional bond with an emotionally healthy man, and exactly HOW to shift it. Easy tools and mindset shifts that will grow your self love immediately.
  • ​And much more!
Step 5: Trigger Him For Love Method (999 Value)
  • Learn how to communicate in a way that a man is not only more likely to really hear you, but also be INSPIRED to action
  • How the perception of SEX can either make or break your chances of quality relationships (and how to confidently use it to your advantage).
  • ​Uncover the power of the Warm Bold Dating approach.
  • The written statement of intent that will set the tone of your dating experience from here on.
  • ​How to respond to unexpected questions or situations during interactions or dates with men - This will prevent you from ruining your energy.
  • ​And much more!
Step 6: The Power of Energy (999 Value)
  • How the perception of SEX can either make or break your chances of quality relationships (and how to confidently use it to your advantage).
  • ​Uncover the power of the Warm Bold Dating approach.
  • Here we’re gonna break down the top “man-repellant” behaviors to avoid like the plague! (Avoiding these behaviors alone will DOUBLE your dates with the highest caliber of men!)
  • ​And much more!
Step 7: MAN-Mastery (999 Value)
  • This lesson is Man 101. We’ll uncover how to love them, live with them, ignite the masculine energy within them that you won’t be able to resist! 
  • ​Masterclass of how to Thrive with a Masculine Man over time, 
  • ​Learn exactly how women UNINTENTIONALLY erode their man's attraction for them over time, and what to do instead so your relationship stays HOT and stands the test of time.
  • ​Learn to spot the traits of  a TOXIC man 
  • ​And much more!
Step 8: The “New You” Masterclass (999 Value)
  • How to express your FULL personality to attract the most authentic men around you, while remaining socially calibrated.
  • ​How to use your personality to make yourself a repellent to emotionally unavailable men (I can’t believe more women aren’t doing this?)
  • ​By the time you reach this lesson, you’ll have transformed into a brand new YOU. All that’s left is to deepen the lessons we’ve learned so you can apply them naturally! (You’ll become your own super hero who conquers all with your new dating prowess and confidence)
  • ​And much more!
But just when you thought it couldn’t get any better...
You’ll Also Get These Incredible Bonuses When You Join Today…
Bonus 1: INSTANT ACCESS to our in-depth signature process: The Manfunnel® Method Digital Course ($500 Value)
This is our signature IN-DEPTH process that many of our Manfunnel Graduates credit for supporting them in attracting and meeting their Husbands.
Bonus 2: Coaching & Support From Me & The Manfunnel Team ($250 Value)
You’ll get world class live feedback and coaching support from me and my Manfunnel coaches on your questions and posts throughout the month of October in a private Facebook group to make sure you’re supported and succeeding!

You’ll get help, support, and feedback from an entire community of women who are going through the challenge with you!

Share your experiences, wins, and challenges with other incredible women as you attract a higher quality of men in your life!
Bonus 3 For The First 5 Who Join US: 1-1 Dating profile review with a Manfunnel Method Master Coach ($250 Value)
You’ll get on a private 30 minutes Zoom call with a Manfunnel Method Master Coach to create your most powerful dating profile ever! In the Sea of Swiping S.O.S. this will give you an edge.
The Manfunnel® is a Lifestyle.. Tap in with us.⚡️
What is it costing you to NOT take this leap....?
How would it feel if you're find yourself where you are now in 1 year?
In 5 years?
Things can shift quickly...
You don't have to only take my word for it.
Listen to what others have to say...
"Before meeting Megan I dated a lot over the past 8 years, but relationships rarely ever went past the second or third date. I was skeptical that Megan could help me… Maybe it wasn’t me, I just wasn’t meeting the right person? However, Megan opened up my eyes to my dating errors so I could finally have my pick of the litter! She continues to offer support and guidance throughout the relationship process. I’ve never been happier in my current relationship- and am finally being treated with respect and admiration. Megan’s coaching is truly life changing! Now I am married to the love of my life!"
- Melissa, New York, NY
“Megan’s advice has helped me to look inward and see all of the good I have to offer. In doing that I was finally able to understand my own worth which ultimately set me up to receive all of the best things in life. The most perfect husband for me being one of those things. Don’t hesitate on saying yes to getting a little support. It could be the very thing that makes the difference for you.” 
- Jeannette, Winter Park, Fl
1. What exactly is The Manfunnel Method LIVE Experience?
The Manfunnel Method is an 8-step an eye opening, transformational program that opportunity to look into your dating process and see how you can fine tune it to save time and to attract the relationship you want. The LIVE Experience is an interactive live experience where you'll learn The Manfunnel Method so that you can quickly shift your dating life so that dating becomes an enjoyable, informative experience on your (faster) path to meeting your one. 
2. Why do I need it?
Put simply, you can keep going at it alone and risk making the small mistakes you’re making now (without realizing it) that have BIG repercussions like a broken heart, wasted years, and missed opportunities with the men you actually wish would love you... You don't know what you don't know, so if you DO know that things could be better in your love life, we invite you to find out exactly how you can make it better. Quickly.
3. Will it work for ME?
Yes. Regardless of where you are at - whether you're starting out or more established at dating, The Manfunnel Method LIVE Experience will give you life altering new ways to understand men that will thank your lucky stars you gave this a shot.
Regardless of if you’re ready to date or not, or if you are already in a relationship, this course will pave the way for you to make this love happen. Yes, you can have the love you want, quickly.
4. Do I need to be actively dating to take this program?
No. Don’t be surprised if after gaining all the new tools and getting clarity on your last situationship or if you feel a new-found excitement for motivation and desire to date again within the first few days of this course…
5. Are there any bonuses included?
Yes! I'm all about giving you ALL the tools you need to BLOW up your dating life and create and maintain your most powerful love ever in this lifetime.
And what's more, I've negotiated specific bonuses to cater for where I see students, just like you, get stuck. So you get:

The Manfunnel Method LIVE Experience

Bonus 1
Instant Access to The Manfunnel Method Digital Course. Yours to keep for 1 Year. (Currently retails for $497)

Bonus 2
Private Facebook Group with support for all of October from Megan Weks and the Manfunnel Coaches (Value $250) We are experts at deciphering the language you’re using to understand what’s going on under the surface and therefor encourage posting screenshots of your interactions with men. We are experts at helping you to determine who is a quality man to spend your valuable time on and who to “Next” just from seeing what’s going on in the initial conversations. In the group, you can post 5 personal questions (you can even upload a short video if you prefer explaining)

Bonus 3 for the first 5 who join us!
A 1-1 Dating Profile Review on Zoom with a Manfunnel Method Master Coach (Valued at $250)

There is a tremendous opportunity for you to tap into the power of your own authentic magnetism that is inside of you right now. Can you imagine having all of these bonuses? How much will that help you in your life?
6. What will happen after I join?
After you join, you will receive a welcome email with important instructions and steps.  

You'll also get the link to request to join our Private Facebook Group that we will be coaching you in for all of October.
You will get INSTANT ACCESS to The Manfunnel Method Digital Course so you can get started right away.

If you don’t see the email please check your spam and promotional folders. You can always email and our team will be happy to assist you.
7. What do I get when I join The The Manfunnel Method LIVE Experience?
When you join The Manfunnel Method LIVE Experience you gain the confidence that you are moving toward what you want for your life instead of making costly mistakes taking you further away from the love you want. 
🤍You will get clarity. 
🤍You will gain a deeper sense of awareness into yourself and how you've related to men in the past and how to build a strong, conscious relationship with a wonderful man in your future. 
🤍You will learn to differentiate between toxic men and men who have your best interests in mind. 
🤍You will ooze self love and confidence from tools and mindset shifts you didn't realize you needed so badly. 
🤍If you're not where you want to be in love, these tools will gently guide you there with love. 
🤍You will feel certain, happy, and guided on your path toward love.

8. How much time with this take?
Think about how you will feel if a year or a few years go by and you still aren't experiencing progress in your love life? Put in the time now.
Commit to learning this Method for the betterment of your life. Do not miss the opportunity to see & feel what it’s like to be a part of our incredible community of remarkable women and world class coaching support.

The results you’ll get from The Manfunnel Method are truly life altering and REAL. 

Nothing will get you more “ready” to get out there than learning these methods. They will work for you even if you don’t feel “ready” right now. 

See you in Love!

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