You don’t have to ride the roller coaster of dissappointment while navigating your love life
If the world of dating has you desiring something more, that you know is out there for you, the Manfunnel® Method of Dating is the GPS you need. It will elevate your entire dating experience, leaving you feeling desired and admired as you know you're mean to be. Like, obviously! We know you're the full package.

"Back when I would feel like I had a 'fish on the line' or a man with whom to hang my hopes on... I felt like all was right in the world... I felt excited and happy. My heart would flutter with warmth, hope and joy…. 

Only to find it all crash down to the depths of despair each time my 'crush' would prove to not be working out... These highs and lows are what most women experience through the painful process of 'Linear Dating.' Allow me to show you how to approach things in a new way. Bringing you lightness, flow, femininity and love. This is yours."

- Megan Weks
How do you get there? 
The Manfunnel® Method of dating. 
Get on a direct flight to your soulmate.

With the “Manfunnel Flow:”

✓ Your dates and interactions with men come easily and gracefully
✓ Dating becomes a fun & informative process
✓ You learn how to ATTRACT and choose your soulmate
✓ You avoid the major pitfalls that leave you sad, lonely, and wasting critical years
✓ You get certainty and clarity. You know WHERE you’re going and HOW you’re getting there.
The best part is, you’re not alone. This is a premier community experience where we’ll be with you EVERY step of the way as you transform your love life in a way you’ve never imagined.
How would it feel to have clarity on what to say and do to keep bringing him closer to you... 
If you're over th endless sea of swiping it's time to take a step onto our yacht where you can relax as you cultivate your options!
World-class trained certified dating & relationship coaches  
Daily support on urgent matters of the heart
Live coaching circles & workshops 
Sisterhood with remarkable women who 'get it'
If you've ever wondered what a man was thinking and what would bring him close, you're about the have the answers...

"Before meeting Megan I dated a lot over the past 8 years, but relationships rarely ever went past the second or third date. I was skeptical that Megan could help me… Maybe it wasn’t me, I just wasn’t meeting the right person? However, Megan opened up my eyes to my dating errors so I could finally have my pick of the litter! She continues to offer support and guidance throughout the relationship process. I’ve never been happier in my current relationship- and am finally being treated with respect and admiration. Megan’s coaching is truly life changing! Now I am married to the love of my life!"
- Melissa, New York, NY

"She helped me meet, date and marry my amazing husband, somebody that I may have thought was ‘out of my league’ but helped me not only see my own value but capitalize on it. My husband is truly everything I could ever ask for and she continues to help me grow in my relationship by teaching and reminding me how to stay connected with my husband while getting the most out of our relationship. I strongly recommend anyone that is looking for love (and can’t understand why they don’t have it), or is struggling in a relationship– or just wants to smooth out the kinks of a happy and functioning relationship to work with Megan.”
- Laura, New York, NY

“Megan’s advice has helped me to look inward and see all of the good I have to offer. In doing that I was finally able to understand my own worth which ultimately set me up to receive all of the best things in life. The most perfect husband for me being one of those things. Don’t hesitate on saying yes to getting a little support. It could be the very thing that makes the difference for you.” 
- Jeannette, Winter Park, Fl

  • ​Uncover the hidden blocks in your psyche which are destroying your chances of creating the love that you want in your life.
  • ​REMOVE those blockages, heal and regain clarity so you can move forward.
  • ​CEMENT a foundation and approach for the success of your next relationship.
  • ​LEARN practical & crucial dating skills which put you in the driver’s seat.
  • ​KNOW exactly what to say every. single. time.
  • ​The new you will basically be operating with a proven algorithm, tailored for YOUR HEART.
  • THE RESULT? He’ll see an ocean of women but only have eyes for YOU.
The Manfunnel Method is how my clients get such phenomenal results...
But you don't have to only take my word for it...
"Dating can feel complicated and confusing and Megan simplified the process for me. She helped me feel more comfortable to approach dating without getting my heart broken. There is an art to communicating with men and she helped me feel more confident and well equipped.  

- Selena Soo, Publicity Expert & Coach, New York, NY
"For all women wanting love and guidance in dating, I highly recommend working with Megan. I've seen how her work can help so much and teach women how to have a better relationships with men and guide them to better understanding of how to create a healthy relationship. If you are considering working with Megan in any capacity, I want to urge you to do it. You deserve it!"

- G. Weiss M.D., Doctor of Psychiatry, New York, NY
“After just 5 minutes of body language coaching with Megan, I became aware of myself and was able to make minor alterations to my presence, letting my inner-beauty shine. I walked away immediately feeling energized, reinvigorated and confident! You are ah-mazing! 
You’re my angel. You have gift!”

- Nicole, New York, NY
Freedom from toxic relationships 
Confidence that you're on the right path 
Clarity on relationships past and future 
Strong boundaries to protect your time, heart and energy 
Feeling more beautiful in your own skin than ever before
    On demand coaching support on all your burning questions like what to say back to him

    Entire library of coursework & homework at your fingertips to complete on your own schedule

    Live group coaching calls to work on your specific situation and gain insight on questions you didn't even know you had

    Community of like minded women who get it
    1. What exactly is The Manfunnel Vault?
    The Manfunnel Vault is a membership community where you will experience a community of women in similar situations. You will receive support, inspiration, and incredibly powerful lessons in love and life. You will receive access to The Manfunnel Method course, formerly known as The Manfunnel Boot Camp.

    The Manfunnel Method Course is a life altering program that shows you how to date and relate to men like the she-boss you are. It covers all aspects of online & offline dating, how to get him to beg for your commitment, AND how to keep the love alive in your relationship until your golden years. Plus LOADS more. It's housed inside of our course platform called Thinkific. You will receive a login within 48 hours of purchase. You can study and work the homework and lessons of the course on your own schedule and time.

    The special thing about this program is that it teaches you the WHOLE process - how to find your man, how to handle the initial moments in order to become the woman he chooses amongst the sea of other options, and how to instill his primal urges to make you the object of his desire for life...
    You will have access to the course only while you are a member of The Vault.
    2. Why do I need it?
    Put simply, you can keep going at it alone and risk making the small mistakes you’re making now (without realizing it) that have BIG repercussions like a broken heart, wasted years, and missed opportunities with the men you actually wish would love you... You don't know what you don't know, so if you DO know that things could be better in your love life, we invite you to find out exactly how you can make it better. Quickly.
    3. Will it work for ME?
    Yes. Regardless of where you are at - whether you're starting out or more established at dating or in a new relationship, The Vault will give you life altering new ways to understand men that you will thank your lucky stars you have us in your back pocket.

    This program & process works for any woman that wants to find and maintain a loving, warm, and powerful love relationship with a masculine man who they have a passionate and fun attraction for. Regardless of if you’re ready to date or not, this program will pave the way for you to make this love happen. Yes, you can have the love you want.
    4. Do I need to be dating to take this program?
    No. Don’t be surprised if after gaining all the new tools and getting clarity on your last relationships if you feel a newfound excitement for motivation and desire to love again within the first few days of this program...
    5. Are there any bonuses included?
    Yes! I'm all about giving you ALL the tools you need to BLOW up your dating life and create and maintain your most powerful love ever in this lifetime.
    And what's more, I've negotiated specific bonuses to cater for where I see students, just like you, get stuck. So during this promotion period you get:

    Bonus #1 LIVE laser coaching 2x per month in our small group. This may be the last time I offer live laser coaching within this program where the coaches get to know your personal man situations and you get a personal man-plan live face to face in our virtual classroom. ($5,000 Value) all included in the early bird price. This is takes place in The Manfunnel VIP Community of Facebook, which you get for six month upon purchase.

    Bonus #2 On-demand support on all of your questions. Post your questions or texts from men and get the answers from me and my world class Manfunnel Master Coaches! (Priceless!)

    Bonus #3 Love is Virtual three series workshop. Are you ready to navigate the world of dating during a pandemic? Our clients have had more success finding love during these trying times than ever before. Allow us to show you how inside the Love is Virtual Bonus Workshop!

    There is a tremendous opportunity for you to tap into the power of your own authentic magnetism that is inside of you right now. Can you imagine having all of these bonuses when you join The Manfunnel Vault? How much will that help you in your life?
    6. What will happen after the purchase?
    After your purchase, you will receive a welcome email with important instructions and steps before entry into The Vault community. It is our duty to provide a loving, supportive, fun & safe environment for our valued members and we follow a certain protocol in order to maintain the integrity of our community values. You will receive a login to our course platform directly from our Thinkific Course Platform immediately and you can start the self study process and start learning today! 

    Upon entering The Vault Community you will be able to share what's going on with you in your dating life for a customized support experience. We are there for any questions you may have on the curriculum, as well. We are experts at deciphering the language you’re using to understand what’s going on under the surface. We are experts at helping you to determine who is a quality man to spend your time on and who to “Next” just from seeing what’s going on in the initial conversations. How much time would you save if you have multiple trained coaches literally in your back pocket (on your phone) helping you to avoid the common pitfalls that are preventing you from moving forward in your love life? We are ready to meet you, support you, and move you forward toward love right now.
    7. What do I get when I join The Vault Community?
    When you join The Vault, you get the confidence that you are moving toward what you want for your life instead of making costly mistakes taking you further away from the love you want.  You will get clarity. You will gain a deeper sense of awareness into yourself and how you've related to men in the past and how to build a strong, conscious relationship with a wonderful man in your future. You will learn to differentiate between toxic men and men who have your best interests in mind. You will ooze self love and confidence from tools and mindset shifts you didn't realize you needed so badly. If you're not where you want to be in love, these tools will gently guide you there with love. You will feel certain, happy, and guided on your path toward love.

    You will gain access to The Manfunnel ® Method course, an incredible sisterhood of women going through the same process, world class coaching in your back pocket on demand and in live group coaching calls.
    8. How do I cancel?
    The Vault is a quarterly membership. The dues are non-refundable however you may cancel your membership at anytime. If you cancel your membership ten days prior to your next final billing date, you will not be charged for the next month (or quarter). Therefore if you are on a monthly plan, simply email ten days before your next  billing date and you will not be charged for the following month. If you are on a yearly membership, simply email support at least ten days prior to your final billing date and you will not be charged. We encourage members to be actively committed  to the tools and lifestyle offered and want you to remain in the community when you are committed to the work. When you immerse yourself in this lifestyle is when you see results.
    Do not miss the opportunity to see & feel what it’s like to be a part of our incredible community of remarkable women and world class coaching support.

    The results you’ll get from The Vault are truly life altering and REAL. It works for celebrity level clients who consider themselves beautiful and it works for women who don’t feel worthy of any man’s attention, at first. 

    Nothing will get you more “ready” to get out there than learning these methods. They will work for you even if you don’t feel “ready” right now. But we need to get to the core of it. That’s the magic of the process that we will guide you through inside of The Manfunnel Vault Community.

    See you in Love!

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