The Manfunnel VIP is a place where:
We hold one another to our highest vibrational responsibility
We shine our authentic hearts
Create the power of choice
We reclaim our shadow
We benefit from the detached perspective of others
The Manfunnel is a lifestyle, tap in with us
I have dated in the most difficult and competitive markets in the world and am now bringing all of my knowledge to you in this eight-week boot camp where I will transfer all of my most valuable tools to YOU. He will want all of your love and admiration and he will literally beg you to be his one and only.

Sound too good to be true? I've watched this happen for so many of my clients that I now I know that my Manfunnel techniques will work for you.
Even if you believe you may have already identified the man you want as your partner.
I've seen a client who had not had a boyfriend in ten years start to receive flowers within weeks. She was then proposed to and married within the year.
I've seen a client who had not gotten past a third date in three years...heck she had a hard time getting dates in the first place...she quickly grew her funnel and one particular man won her over within a few months of our work together. I attended her wedding this summer.
I've seen so many women come out of their shell and learn to attract and KEEP men in a whole new way over and over. ​
I feel blessed to be able to do this work.
Do you have a dating situation we can support you on today?
We will be there for you during the make-or-break moments in your sensitive matters of the heart.
World-class trained certified dating & relationship coaches
Daily support on your urgent matters of the heart
Weekly coaching circles & workshops 
Sisterhood from remarkable women who get it
Master Your Manfunnel Bootcamp is a course which is available ONLY for Manfunnel VIP Members.
Manfunnel Flow (definition) adjective: The state of being where a womxn becomes actualized in her own self worth and to the vibration of pure love. The state of being where there are high-quality men showing up for her, for whom he is dating and exploring on her terms for the relationships that she wants and on her own timeline. The state of being where there is always another chance at love…
"My husband is truly everything I could ever ask for... She helped me meet, date and marry my amazing husband, somebody that I may have thought was 'out of my league' but helped me not only see my own value but capitalize on it. My husband is truly everything I could ever ask for. If you want to meet your husband this year, work with Megan. "

- Laura, New York, NY, Publisher

Join Us Today, Men Will No Longer Be a Mystery
  • ​Uncover the hidden blocks in your psyche which are destroying your chances of creating the love that you want in your life.
  • ​Break them apart and quickly rebuild them to create your cement foundation for the success of your next relationship.
  • ​Have a strong foundation combined with all the practical dating skills you will ever need and the secret for knowing what to do and say EVERY TIME.
  • ​You're going to know what to say and do because you will have learned the algorithm for tapping into your own greatest resource... Your heart. When you can tap into this resource, you will stand out amongst the sea of other women. He will see YOU and only you.
What is it costing you to NOT take this leap....?
You don't have to only take my word for it...
"Dating can feel complicated and confusing and Megan simplified the process for me. She helped me feel more comfortable to approach dating without getting my heart broken. There is an art to communicating with men and she helped me feel more confident and well equipped.  

- Selena Soo, Publicity Expert & Coach, New York, NY

"For all women wanting love and guidance in dating, I highly recommend working with Megan. I've seen how her work can help so much and teach women how to have a better relationships with men and guide them to better understanding of how to create a healthy relationship. If you are considering working with Megan in any capacity, I want to urge you to do it. You deserve it!"

- G. Weiss M.D., Doctor of Psychiatry, New York, NY

"Cut down on that learning curve so you can really meet that guy. She will let you know things you don't realize you do. Join that group; join Megan. Get on the Megan train."

- Tia Johnson, Spiritual Lifestyle Mentor, Philadelphia, PA

How Can I Help You Attract the Man You Want?
Hi, I’m Megan Weks, a certified dating and relationship coach, author, and speaker who helps successful, high-achieving women find lasting love.

I’ve coached hundreds of women in dating and relationships, and in the last two years alone, I’ve helped 20 women find and marry the man of their dreams.

How do I get my clients such phenomenal results? By using my signature “Manfunnel” technique—the same technique I used to find and marry my husband within a year of meeting him. Now, I’m here to help you do the same.

Am I the Right Coach for You? I specialize in helping busy, high-achieving women find and marry the man they want. Whether you’re 25 or 55, I can help you transform your attitude and state-of-mind so that you open the door to lasting love.
Get the skills that 99.9 percent of other women will never have...
You will gain access to the VIP Member Facebook group and Thinkific course hosting platform where you can begin to go through our incredibly powerful and life-altering library of workshops, homework, and bonuses. Master Your Manfunnel Materials will be available for as long as you remain a member. 

  • Live Q & A Laser Coaching opportunities every other week to support you on the coursework and to coach on your situation/
  • On-demand support in our private Facebook group for all of your burning questions.
  • Eight Powerful Workshops on critical topics you need to know in order to attract and keep him forever.
  • ​Entire Library coursework, homework + bonuses at your fingertips to learn on your own schedule.
Week 1: Your Brain on Love
 $599 (Value)
  • ​​Our special guest Dawn Maslar walks us through the important brain chemistry we need to know in order to understand how our brain works on love and more importantly how his works based on things you do in your dating processes!
Week 2: Proprietary Manfunnel Secrets
$999 (Value)
  • ​​Learn my top tricks to help you grow your Manfunnel and prevent false starts in early relationships. I can’t wait to share these proprietary tools with you so you can avoid some of the biggest possible pitfalls when it comes to dating and relating to men.
Week 3: Trigger Him for Love Method
$699 (Value)
  • ​​Week four is how we learn to use simple daily phrases that we use every day to trigger his heart to become connected on a deeper level with him each and every day. These are the tools which keep your man in love and loyal for life. If you don’t know how to do this you are likely eroding the deeper connection with him before it even starts! I Can’t wait to give you these simple techniques to make his heart explode for you.
Week 4: The Power of Energy
$799 (Value)
  • ​​Come with me while we break down the top behaviors and thought processes which repel men and get ready to become a magnet for his love by shifting into your most radiant self with simple energy shifts that anyone can do!
Week 5: The Science Of Flirting
$499 (Value)
  • ​​Come flirt with me in this powerful video that lays down what you need to be doing to get approached by men based on scientific studies.
Week 6: Be Love to Be Loved
$499 (Value)
  • ​​The daily steps to radiating love in order to magnetize and to keep the love we want in our lives. In order to bring in the love you need to be on the same vibration of love. Here is how to get there...
Week 7: Master Your Man Masterclass
$499 (Value)
  • ​​How to love them, live with them, and how to avoid the toxic ones!If you like masculine men and want to thrive with the masculine man in your life, do not miss this class.
Week 8: "The New You" Masterclass
$399 (Value)
  • ​We will learn and create a customized new way to deepen all of the tools we learned in camp.
  • We will be working on a very fun tool today. Grab your pen and paper because we are going to create the super hero version of yourself who can conquer all with her dating prowess and confidence.
Live group coaching on your personal situation $2,700 (Value)
Incredible bonuses: "How to dress for men video" $399 (Value)
  • ​We know you'll have incredible dates. Dress the part.
The game changing "Slay Bumble" Workshop $799 (Value)
  • ​Don't date on a swipe app without this instruction workshop.
"How to Meet High Caliber Men on Match" Instructional Video $799 (Value)
  • Start meeting better might right now!
The Manfunnel Algorithm to contact men online $199 (Value)
  • Increase your return rate by 50% with this algorithm.
On Demand Coaching at your fingertips $999 (Value)
  • We are here to answer your burning questions.
Entry to The Manfunnel VIP Membership (priceless)
  • Incredible group of women who get it.
Overall a whopping 10,000 in Value
  • Life altering material to guide you toward your soulmate partner this year.

The price for you to join our incredible

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299$ then just 99$ for each additional month.

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Hear what our members are saying
About Master Your Manfunnel
1) Why am I giving away access to my famed boot camp for such a low price in 2020?
Because I know this will change your life and I want cost to deter you from making this change and finding love in 2020. Because I know you’ll remain in our membership to continue to grow while having fun with the most caring, remarkable and awesome womxn you’ll find anywhere online. (Recommended membership is 1 year/cancel anytime.)
2) What are the Membership dues?
Your Membership dues above are your first month’s access fee for The Manfunnel VIP Membership where you will gain access to Master Your Manfunnel Materials for as long as you remain a member. After your first month it is under 99.00 to remain in the community. This is the price of about one dinner out with friends or one little black dress (LBD). The suggested membership time is one year. It is suggested to remain in the community to receive hands-on support when you start your new relationship and whenever you may get stuck on the materials or are facing a difficult matter of the heart. The Certified Manfunnel Coaches and myself and there to support you through this incredible transformation where you get into Manfunnel Flow. Women who go at this alone will often get stuck on the material because it is deep work, they will fail or forget the tools because they have not been held accountable or simply haven't been submerged enough to internalize this life altering work.
3) What will happen after the purchase? 
After your purchase, you’ll receive a welcome email inviting you to our VIP Member Facebook group where you will be able to request assistance on dating from Manfunnel Coaches as soon as today! Members can post their correspondence from Bumble or text and get help on what to say and why, and how it goes much deeper than words. Your correspondence helps us to determine what lesson to point you to and what initial things you can work on to make the fastest change! We are experts at deciphering the language you’re using to understand what’s going on under the surface. We are experts at helping you to determine who is a quality man to spend your time on and who to “Next” just from seeing what’s going on in the initial conversation. How much time would you save if you have multiple trained dating coaches literally in your back pocket (on your phone) helping you to avoid the common pitfalls that are preventing you from moving forward in your love life? We are ready to meet you, support you, and move you forward toward love right now.
4) Where will the course be hosted?
After purchase you’ll receive a login to our Thinkific course hosting platform where you can begin to go through our incredibly powerful and life altering library of workshops, homework, and bonuses today. What if the information found in The Manfunnel VIP & Manfunnel Boot Camp is the very help, support, and information you’ll need to bring you into the arms of your loving, caring and handsome partner like so many others who have experienced our support?
We have made this an absolute NO BRAINER price this year. Do not miss the opportunity to see & feel what it’s like to be a part of our incredible community of remarkable women and world class coaching support.

The results you’ll get in our VIP community are truly life altering and REAL. It works for celebrity level clients who consider themselves beautiful and it works for women who don’t feel worthy of any man’s attention, at first. If you’re thinking right now that you’re too old to build a Manfunnel or not attractive enough or even too heavy… think again!

Nothing will get you more “ready” to get out there than learning these methods. They will work for you even if you don’t feel “ready” right now. But we need to get to the core of it. That’s the magic of the process that we will go through in our VIP community…

See you in Love!

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